We look forward to those few days in a year that we go vacationing away from the city with family or alone for some peace and quiet. After the location itself, what is the second most important thing in a vacation that will have an impact on your experience? It is the (Mansfield) hotel. So in order to avoid making any blunders in booking the right hotel, let us look at a few common mistakes people make.

  • First of all, check reviews and pictures thoroughly. Many times people fall for deceptive pictures and deceptive lighting.
  • Check the location over maps and check the access route to the hotel. Many times hotels are beautiful but inaccessible by public transport or too far away from the airport. In such cases are they willing to arrange transport for you?
  • Be very careful about booking rates and what they include. Hidden taxes and other charges can change your budget altogether. Also make sure you completely understand their cancellation policies and are comfortable with it.

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Source: http://mansfield-accommodation-victoria.blogspot.com/2015/02/mansfield-hotels-blunders-to-avoid.html