If you are planning to take a trip to Australia this summer, let me tell you it is going to take you more than a mere few weeks. It is a huge country with innumerable things to see and infinite activities to indulge into. Therefore you may choose a few locations for starters so as to enjoy them fully. If you need any help deciding, these few attractions of Mansfield, Victoria will definitely help you decide better! SO read up and hurry with your bookings for Mansfield hotel, Victoria!

  • With two very rare white lions, the Mansfield zoo is a must watch for all animal and nature lovers. The zoo is a home to over a hundred different species of animals and no one who visited the zoo has ever returned dissatisfies!
  • For those who are into adventure sports, Mount Sterling is a ski resort and a tourist attraction for its scenic beauty and calming environment.
  • The ten day autumn festival is a celebration of the rich autumn colours and autumn and produce that Mansfield has to offer!

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