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A great holiday with your family and friends is what everybody look for after a long hardworking month. Everybody looks for a beautiful and peaceful place where one can relax and have a great time without any kind of work pressure or restrictions. Mansfield is one such place where you can enjoy to the fullest with your family and friends. If you are worried about Mansfield hotel accommodation then don’t worry you can hire good and affordable hotel with all the amenities available there.

For that matter I would like to suggest you Mansfield hotel Victoria. The following points given below will justify my point as to why you should opt for Mansfield hotel Victoria.

  • The hotel provides various activities like horse riding, bush walking, golf, hot air ballooning, boating ,fly fishing, mountain biking which you enjoy with your family and friends. While during winters you can go for snow skiing, snow games.
  • The hotel have large bedrooms with facilities like bathroom including spa, TV, laundry facilities, full sized kitchen with mini fridge, oven, stove, wi-fi connection, etc.
  • They also provide other facilities like Indoor spa and sauna, tennis court, children’s playground, swimming pool, barbecue. I am sure all of this great amenities and facilities will make your stay worthwhile.


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